adventure family in motion.

     last friday, i had a chance to share a guest post over at the adventure family in motion blog and i wanted to let you all know about it! adventure family in motion is such a neat blog dedicated to families who are passionate about living a life filled with adventure and a love for the outdoors! you can find my post by clicking here where i share a little bit about our family's move to colorado.
    preparing for this post, i went through a lot of photos that i've collected since our move here. i have seriously adored being able to appreciate the gorgeous scenery where we live and to be able to capture the ones i love amongst it. you can head over to my guest post to view some more of my favorites, but i'll share a few here as well. they are repeats, but worth it i'd say. ;)
     one thing that i touched upon in my guest post is how much we love to spend time outdoors hiking here in colorado. nothing fancy; we just pack up the kids, grab some water bottles and head out to explore. does your family spend a lot of time outside? what are your favorite kind of adventures?
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rainy days.

007009     i took these photos last sunday, on a rainy day. we dropped aaron off at work in the rain and i spontaneously planned to hold a little photo shoot of both boys in their room wearing matching pajamas. they clean their room on sundays now, so it seemed like a perfect time. much to his brother's relief, asher decided to steal the show and so it turned into this. he would give me his best jumps and then run over to check the photos on the back of my camera. he was so impressed with himself and his "flying". i would give him a big smile and he would absolutely beam with pride. we had such a special, sweet time. i cannot stress enough how important these moments are to me: these are truly the photos that i live for. and yeah, i'm pretty impressed with him as well - these photos are awesome. 025-2035031070076      I have had the pleasure of getting to know a great group of ladies in the past couple months. If you are looking for some wonderful new blogs to read, check out the links below!

"Rain" is the April writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Katie of Hello, Little Bean. A few words from Katie --- Hi! I'm Katie and I write a blog called 'Hello, Little Bean.' It's about life as a new mom to my cute daughter, Lark Story. I'm California born and raised, but currently live in Michigan with my soon-to-be husband, James and my soon-to-be stepson, Brennan, as well as our little Lark and two kitties. I'm a full-time graphic designer who loves all things artistic and creative. I'm overly sensitive and sentimental, sarcastic and foul-mouthed at times, a foodie and a reality tv junkie who's completely and utterly in love with motherhood. You can also find me on instagram, facebook, pinterest and our little online boutique, Bold Threads. .

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portraits of asher.

152-2151-2155-2 (( portraits of asher // 32 months ))
     i am completely smitten with these photos. asher is continuing his phase of actually enjoying having his picture taken and i couldn't be happier about that. yesterday i was able to have two different mini-sessions of him in the boys' bedroom, which is the absolute best room for natural light photos in our house. these photographs just fill me up inside. entirely. i am a big fan of plain backgrounds and sweet faces and this set of photos remind me a little of these + these.

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soft, gentle moments.

072     moments like the ones you see here, hold such healing and magic for me. i mean really, truly, they do. painting photographs. writing them as a poem, bundling them up one heavy click at a time, to be read later and forever. for myself , for them, maybe for others. these photographs were taken during a  quiet evening outside. and my heart was quieted as well when i saw the light settling perfectly on his creamy peach-baby skin. highlighting his hair, his fingers, his chin, his lips. a slow and steady peace settled inside of me as i captured these soft and gentle moments. and with these, part of my heart is pictured as well.
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happy friday!

    i feel like i have so many new photos to share here on my blog but i just haven't had the desire to  prepare them into posts! it doesn't help that my editing process feels a bit strained lately since i no longer have lightroom (horrors!) and am exclusively using photoshop to edit my photos. which is just not what i'm used to. the laptop that i had been using for years finally bit the dust. probably prematurely because i'm kind of the least responsible person on the planet. so yeah, i am now using maybe, just maybe, the worst laptop of all time. and editing photos is a slight nightmare due to it's color issues. but alas i must go on because i mean really what would i do if i couldn't produce photos of these two sweetest-boys in my life? also, i'm pretty sure the theme of my blog is just complaining when i have the worst luck with technology... everyone needs a niche, right?
     so today i'm throwing together some random photos that haven't made the cut into my blog posts lately, but that i still love!
 happy friday everyone!
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